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How to sew a mask in two minutes

Posted by Cátia Marreiros on
How to sew a mask Ubik Stylish Face masks. Waterproof, antibacterial, breathable & quick-drying fabric

This tutorial pretends to teach you how to make your own mask in a quick and easy way. In this case and this particular model allows you to create a mask with some stitches, a piece of cloth of 35 x 20 centimeters and two elastic bands like the ones in folders. With a few folds and a basic stitching on a single piece you will have a nice mask. We have chosen this model because it is simple to reproduce, but at the same time aesthetic. In addition, its shape is comfortable. 



  1. Cut a cotton fabric of 20x35 cm
  2. Fold the fabric in half and sew four centimeters on each side of the vertical edges (on the side by which the half is open)
  3. Fold the fabric a few centimeters inward at the top, and a few centimeters outward at the bottom.
  4. Make a small fold on top and iron
  5. Take two pieces of rubber and place them inside our sewn fabric, fixing them with clothes pegs
  6. Sew the ends so that the rubber band is fastened
  7. Turn the fabric inside out (we get the shape of the mask with the rubber bands on the outside. It should be seen that there is a kind of pocket left on the top
  8. Turn the stitched piece to put it upside down and make 3 folds with the hands of approximately 1.5 cm on the center (we will replicate the shapes of surgical masks)
  9. Iron to fix the shape
  10. Resew the ends to make the folds permanent
  11. Ready!

    You now have an easy and washable mask. In addition, the fold shapes forms a filter that reproduces the shape of surgical masks.

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