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Learn how to do a mask with a plate and a cheerful pattern

Posted by Cátia Marreiros on
how to do a mask with a plate Ubik Stylish Face masks. Waterproof, antibacterial, breathable & quick-drying fabric

If you have a children at home this tutorial is perfect for you. This model is very easy to measure, because we only need a plate, a cheerful fabric and elastic band. We like it because it is very easy to adapt to different sizes for children, which, being it so simple, can also participate in its elaboration. To create it, we will cut four quarters of circumference and sew them into two pairs with the pattern of the fabric inside, then join both halves with a few stitches and turn it inside out so that our chosen design is visible.


  1. Mark the circumference of a plate on a cloth (25 in diameter for adult and 23 in adolescent, about 20 for a child)
  2. Fold the cloth circle into four and cut to get four quarters of circle
  3. Join two pairs of quarters, one on the other, with the reverse side of the fabric outward
  4. Sew the curve of each of the two pieces
  5. Turn each of the two pieces inside out (now the side of the drawing is visible)
  6. Place our two halves, one on the other, again with the drawing inwards
  7. Sew all edges but a little bit at the side ends
  8. Turn the piece (from the inside out) by pulling through the little piece that we left unsewn (again, now the pattern is visible)
  9. Iron the whole mask
  10. Iron a little inward on the ends
  11. Sew the folded ends (a small space is formed on which we can put the elastic)
  12. Take an elastic band (about 20cm for adults) 
  13. Cut the band and pass the two strips, one for each space we have created by sewing the ends.
  14. Make a knot with the two ends of each strip, so that we have two closed rubber bands to hold the mask to our ears
  15. Ready!

You now have a mask that is very easy to make, ideal to adapt to children. Make as many as you like and combine them!

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