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The advantages of reusable masks for you and the environment

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The advantages of reusable masks for you and the environment

New times, new rules. We have learned to live with masks, but we can still do it a little better. Humans have consumed many, many single-use masks this year, so many that there are too many at sea, and very few in hospitals in some countries.

Fortunately, we have reusable and washable alternatives as our allies to reverse the situation. If you continue to use single-use masks, you may give up your dentist look after reading this article and move on to reusable ones.

Advantages of swiping to reusable masks

Less sick turtles and dolphins

A few months ago the British newspaper The Guardian started an article with the headline More masks than jellyfish. In addition to all the ocean pollution that already existed, now there are single-use masks, gloves and sanitizing gel bottles in the oceans. The ubiquitous hygienic masks are also very durable: they need about 450 years to degrade. Although it may seem obvious that they are not edible, dolphins, fish and sea turtles are not so clear about it. Biologists are finding our masks on the stomach of these animals on a regular basis.

Man holding a disposable mask on a New Hampshire beach

Best Supply of Disposable Face Masks for Health Workers

One of the main problems experienced at the beginning of the crisis, and still affecting some countries, is the shortage of appropriate medical equipment. Hospital staff must change their face mask every 6-8 hours, which requires a large stock of single-use products. If the general population opts for reusable options, medical centers have it easier to collect masks and disposable products needed to work safely and effectively.

Long-term savings

Reusable masks are a real investment. That is why it is recommended to choose high-quality products, in which, in addition to the design, aspects such as durability, filtration efficiency or the choice of fabric layers have been taken into account. If they are washed, cared for and used properly, reusable masks are a tremendous long-term savings. In the case of a family, monthly spending on masks can be further reduced if children and adults have various fabric masks that can use and wash regularly.

Design and identity

Having much of the face covered makes it difficult for us to recognize others and understand gestures and expressions. Covering our face has been a cultural and social change to which we continue to adapt in everyday life. To preserve the style, project your own image to others and make the process of wearing a mask more enjoyable, it is ideal to make the way to protect yourself more personal. Changing colors or looking for a mask for different occasions can help us reconcile with the new normality and health measures: it's about wearing your best face in a new situation. For children, this is especially important: a fun choice with which they feel comfortable will help them cope with a different environment. Plain colors masks of one use are reminiscent of hospitals, which causes fear and rejection among some children and adolescents.

Fit and comfort

Disposable face masks do not usually have sizing. The usual is that they are large and have soft elastic adjustments. It is easy that there are gaps or holes where air passes, or their fit is not comfortable. This can make them less secure: if your fit is not good, you're likely to wear it poorly, touch it more and end up removing it. In addition to a more comfortable design, some brands like UBIK feature reusable face masks with comfort strap for the ears. The idea is that you never take it off for discomfort, and that the fit is really effective. In short, with a mask with a nice design you improve your protection and that of others.


Most likely, masks will stay with us for a long time. That's why we need to learn and integrate positive ways to carry them. Single-use masks were the first option and helped to generalize the use of protective measures. However, today we can do better. To save on materials, reduce waste generation, be ourselves and protect people around us, the key is to have reusable masks that you really want to wear. If you don't know where to start looking, try visiting the catalog of brands like UBIK and think about how you'd like others to see you.

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