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A tribute to the natural paradise of the volcanic island and the Canary Islands archipelago and its black sands. Those style-savvy say that black is the envy of the chromatic scale, as it combines with any garment and material. This design is what would happen if Coco Chanel returned to Lanzarote to turn the little black dress into a face mask.

  • Waterproof, antibacterial, breathable & quick-drying fabric.
  • 97% filtration efficiency for particles >1 µm.
  • Reversible design to wear on either side and show a different pattern.
  • Hand and machine-washable (up to 70 ºC or 158 ºF).
  • Made in Barcelona (Spain).

Structure of the mask. It consists of:

  • External layer: 2 laminated fabrics*.
    · Outer fabric: Interlock 100% polyester with waterproof DWR finish (C-6).
    · Inner fabric: Interlock 100% antibacterial polyester (ag+) and breathable.
  • Polyamide Max Quality layer: Lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent.

Each mask includes Adjustable Strap Hook Extender also known as Elastic Holder Comfort Protector for those who use face masks for an extended period of time.

You may also use the comfort protector if you feel the face mask is too big for your face, or to help reduce the stress on ears if it's too tight.

Due to hygiene and quality reasons, we do not accept any returns.

Individuals with a large face size or very bushy beards may find our adult size too small. Please check the image on the sizes guide if this is your case as no returns are accepted for this reason.

This product does not include a metal nose clip.

Please note that these masks should not be used as medical or professional equipment and are not classified as personal protective equipment (PPE).

*The fabric meets the requirements of the specification AFNOR SPEC S76- 001: 2020 (France) and UNE 0065 (Spain).

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