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This pattern is inspired by the world capital of yoga- which is also the perfect place to experience Hindu philosophy. The vivid colors reminiscent of the area itself invite us to focus on those we see, in the present, which is key to our happiness. Take a deep breath and focus on the positive, ooommmmmm...

  • Waterproof, antibacterial, breathable & quick-drying fabric.
  • 97% filtration efficiency for particles >1 µm.
  • Reversible design to wear on either side and show a different pattern.
  • Hand and machine-washable (up to 70 ºC or 158 ºF).
  • Muzzle design with elastic ear loops.
  • Fold for easy storage. Keep it clean in the pouch we give you.
  • Made in Barcelona (Spain).

Structure of the mask: It consists of

  • External layer: 2 laminated fabrics*.
    · Outer fabric: Interlock 100% polyester with waterproof DWR finish (C-6).
    · Inner fabric: Interlock 100% antibacterial polyester (ag+) and breathable.
  • Optional pocket layer for a filter.
  • Polyamide Max Quality layer: Lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent.

Our masks have a pocket for replaceable filters. However, we do not include filters when you order your mask.

Due to hygiene and quality reasons, we do not accept any returns.

Please note that these masks should not be used as medical or professional equipment and are not classified as personal protective equipment (PPE).

*Fabric certified by AFNOR SPEC S76- 001: 2020 (France) and UNE 0065 (Spain)

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