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Learn how to do a foam mask with scissors and stapler

Posted by Cátia Marreiros on
how to do a foam mask Ubik Stylish Face masks. Waterproof, antibacterial, breathable & quick-drying fabric

We present you another model easy to make and with materials that you can easily find. This one allows you to create a foam mask without sewing, with a simple pattern. We like that it is easy to make, it offers a lot of coverage for the nose and does not require hardly any materials. Simply create two pieces following the measurements and staple them on both sides, and then add the elastic strips with two stationery rubber bands.



  1. Create a rectangle of 12x16cm on a cardboard
  2. Mark 4cm at the bottom edge on the left and 2 cm at the right edge from below
  3. Join the marks we have made (a triangle is formed over the lower right corner
  4. We mark 3,5 centimeters on the upper line on the left and 6 cm on the 2cm that we had already marked on the right edge from below
  5. Mark 6cm on the left edge from the bottom up, and then mark 3cm more on these 6cm that we had already marked
  6. Join with an outward curve  the 4cm mark on the bottom edge with the 6cm mark on the left edge
  7. Join with a with an outward curve the mark of 3cm on the 6cm from the left side with the mark of 3.5cm on the top with a curve
  8. Join with a inward curve the mark of 3,5cm 3,5cm on top with the mark of 6cm that we have made on the right side
  9. Cut the shape we have obtained
  10. Draw this silhouette twice on foam
  11. Put one silhouette over another
  12. Staple the curved edge on both sides, leaving a double stapling line
  13. Turn inside out the piece of foam
  14. Squeeze with your fingers to get the curve of our mask
  15. Cut the corners a little to avoid sharp edges
  16. Cut two stationery rubber bands
  17. Make two knots at the ends of the rubber strip
  18. Staple the elastic band to the ends of our piece of foam, so that the knot lies towards the inside of the mask.
  19. Cut the excess of rubber band
  20. Ready!

You've got a foam mask ready. This is a durable material with thermal insulating properties. With a hair dryer, you can give it one last touch to fit the shape of the nose and face.

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