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How to do a recycled T-shirt without sewing mask

Posted by Cátia Marreiros on
How to do a mask from a tshirt Ubik Stylish Face masks. Waterproof, antibacterial, breathable & quick-drying fabric

If you don't feel like sewing and want to recycle, this is an ideal model. To make this mask you need a somewhat elastic T-shirt and good scissors. That's all. The thin strips of the t-shirt itself are used to hold this one. We have chosen this model for those who do not have sewing set or elastic bands at home, or who want to be 100% sustainable. In addition, the bottom of the mask adjusts to the chin/neck for a comfortable adjustment.


  1. Cut two strips of about 2,5cm along the width of a T-shirt (the width of the T-shirt must be at least 40cm)
  2. Make a rectangle with the width of the T-shirt and a height of about 20cm for adult
  3. Stretch the strips that we have cut so that they curl a little, making them more comfortable
  4. Place the two strips on the mask, perpendicular to the length, about ten centimeters to the inside of the piece (we see that the strip protrudes at the ends).
  5. We fold all the fabric that remains from the strips to the ends inward, on the strips and on the piece, so that the strips are covered.
  6. We make a knot over the ends of one of the strips (which will then be the top of the mask)
  7. When placing the piece on the face we have the mask, the tied part is fixed, while the one below you can tie it each time you use it to adjust how far down your face you want to be covered.
  8. Ready!

You now have your adjustable and recycled mask ready. Extend the bottom part as much as you want for extra coverage.

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